I learned to read at home when I was four or five.  Then, when I was about six, the public schools of Cleveland, Ohio, introduced me to the classics.  I've been writing for publication since 1961, when I had a story published in the student literary magazine at the University of Illinois.  It was a parody — "Chicken Little" as Dostoevsky would have written it.  In the years since then, my writing's been published in a diverse, not to say wild, range of magazines and anthologies; various editions of my books have come from presses of notably different sorts and sizes, eg, Doubleday and Shameless Hussy.  

You can read a poemessay or story right here, right now.

It seems to me that the best art is political and you ought to make it irrevocably political and unquestionably beautiful at the same time.
      — Toni Morrison


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