You may have clicked your way here because you read my books, or you’ve been reading my poems, stories and essays in magazines and anthologies, in paper and online.  Maybe we met at a college or community event, or you know about my motherhood research.  Maybe you’ve heard I’m a member of Chicago’s pre-Roe abortion underground, called JANE.  Perhaps you’re looking for my book about Grace Paley.

You’ll find all that on this site: writing & reading, politics & performance — along with a little biography, photography and magic.  Check out the Op-Ed page for short essays with long opinions, and pick up your homework assignment.  Read a poem, story or essay onsite; read about how the crab brought the bear back to me.  Find information about upcoming events, along with information about how to organize one, so we can work together.  Look at the lists of books and selected shorter publications; listen to readings and interviews at the links provided.  Each book page has commentary about the book, an excerpt from it, and responses from readers. 

You know how this works, right?  Six main pages are up on the top banner; each one has sub-pages — and some even have sub-sub-pages.  Just cruise around; come on in ……..

Photo of ja by Barbara L. Gundle.

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