“Women’s Liberation” and “You don’t know” will be in the forthcoming anthology Choice Words: Writers on Abortion
“She saw them knowing.” will be in the Wurlitzer Foundation’s anthology of work by residents, forthcoming from Jambu Press
”TOTALLY - LIKE - AMAZING” and “NASA and the 19th Plant” are forthcoming in The Poeming Pigeon
“Zombies on Skateboards” was on the Multnomah County Oregon Art Center’s Poetry Post throughout the month of July 2019
“Poem about more than one thing” is in The Literary Nest’s 2019 summer issue
“A book, he said, must be an axe for the frozen sea inside us.”  -and- “A Classic Question Considered Within an Early 21st Century Economic & Philosophical Context” are both in Kosmos Quarterly, Spring 2019


"A book, he said, should be a ball of light in the hand" is in Switched-On Gutenberg (Fall, 2018)
"The old woman is pissed off" is in Feckless Cunt: a feminist anthology (Fall, 2018)
"Notes from a hospital visit, necessarily in verse" is in Panoply (September 2018)
"For all the other dances, I was perfect," a finalist in the Elizabeth R. Curry Poetry Contest, is in the Spring SLAB (2018) 


"Kiss, Kisses" is in The Poeming Pigeon anthology of love poetry (December 2017)
"Men of God in the summer of 2018" is in Issue #4 of Chasing the Night (Fall, 2017)
"A little woman lives inside me" is in District Lit's Disability, Medicine and Illness issue
"You don't know" is in the Spring 2017 issue of Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine online


"The sorceress speaks through smoke" is in Turtle Island Quarterly, Fall/Winter 2016
“Clavicle Music” is in the music-themed issue of The Poeming Pigeon, Fall of 2016
"Poet Medicine," "Dream Theory," "If you're a poet in the summer," "All of these things," and "There's a bakery where the library used to be"  were part of the NEVERMORE Project in Van Nuys, California - on umbrellas, or on the labels of water bottles, or inside of piñatas (yes, really) at the end of October, 2016
"Monumental" is in Chasing the Night #3, Fall of 2016
"On a clear night you can see the dark" is in Whale Road Review #4, 2016
"The old woman is pissed off - again" is in *82 review #4.3, 2016
"1956" is in The Cimarron Review #196, Summer 2016
"All before I was even eight years old" is in ICONOCLAST #113, 2016
"Denah and the Strawberry, Talking" is in The Literary Nest, Spring 2016
"Correspondence" and "Women's Liberation" and "The Sun in Montana" are in FAR OUT: Poems of the 60's, 2016
"Zombies on Skateboards" and "Persephone talks to her girlfriends on her cellphone" are in CALYX, Fall/Winter 2015-16 (both are in the paper edition; "Persephone" is also online)
"The Old Witch Speaks" is in HAPPY HOLIDAYS, a collection of fall/winter holiday poems, March, 2016


"Early Science" and "Flying Without A Broom" are in Chasing the Night #2, 2015
"Punctuation" + "The woman who hands you a gun" are in Getting Old, September 2015
"Eva Has Cancer" is in Persimmon Tree, Fall 2015
"Hello. This is Jane." is in THE HUMAN, Summer 2015
"After years of graceful branches" is in Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Vol 26/Issue2 - 2015
"The Bear Came Over the Mountain, Again" is in Turtle Island Quarterly, Winter 2015


" ... excerpt from The Encyclopedia of Obscure Lyric Forms (volume T)" is in Elohi Gadugi, late fall 2014
"Walking the Lake's Edge in Winter" is in Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place, 2014
"Roll Over, Beethoven" is in Ghost Town Poetry/volume2, 2014
"Walking the Lake's Edge in Winter" + "Tom always asks the visiting poets about their influences"
          are in Turtle Island Quarterly #5, Summer 2014
"A Religious Experience" is in Parcel, Spring 2014 (and on Verse Daily in early 2015)
"Egg Meditations"+ "After a Long Life, the Short Version" are in Elohi Gadugi/Winter 2014
"Thank you for your patience" is in Passager/Winter 2014


"For My Son" is in Cirque - Winter Solstice 2013, online+paper
"Dorothy is Surprised" is in Gold Man Review, Fall 2013. 
"The White-Haired Women Would Sing for Us" is in the ELOHI GADUGI JOURNAL anthology, 2013
"Mamababy" is in Forgetting Home, Fall 2013
"All of These Things" is inscribed on a wall in the Kaiser Westside Medical Center in Hillsboro, Oregon 2013


"The woman who hands you a gun" Cirque, Winter Solstice 2012/ online+paper
"Answering the Question" + "Knocking" are in Serving House Journal, fall/2012
"Maybe you think" + "Paradise, lost" Verse Wisconsin, fall/2012
"Wild River Sister", "Are We There Yet?", "The White-haired Women Would Sing for Us" , 
          "selections from Speculative Music Theory" and "She saw them knowing." Elohi Gadugi, October 2012
"Snow in Montana" Hubbub, volume 28, 2012
"Taking Davey's Pulse" Switched-On Gutenberg, September 2012, online 
"Darkening Sky Above Garages" + "Vivaldi in Chicago" About Place/Rust Belt Tales, August, 2012
"If I walk there" + "After years of graceful branches" Sugar Mule August 2012 #41
"iAction" New Verse News   April 23, 2012
"Women's Liberation, 1971" On the Issues   Winter, 2012

2011 (and a little bit of 2010)

"One of the things that's different, now" Ambush Review (print magazine), 2011
"Here From Somewhere Else" Verse Wisconsin, 2011
"Can Safety Matches Make Us Safe?" Split This Rock, 2011
Three poems ["National and Public" + "Vicente, talking" + "They say there's no evidence"] on KBOO's poetry blog, 2011
"Ida tells Katie" WORK Literary Magazine, 9/5/2011
"Can Safety Matches Make Us Safe?" -gape-seed- (book), 2011
"When you turn around" + "Fullerton" 5AM (print magazine), 2011
"Past Lives" Burning Bright (book), 2011
"Kimberly, talking quietly", "The light on the water", "The man who loves trees" and "What if your mother"
          (text and audio for all four) on the Oregon Poetic Voices site, posted 2011
"Chess Lesson Blues" + "Aurelia, Talking" Ghost Town Poetry (book), Spring 2011
"The Light on the Water" - ja as Guest Artist on Diana Rico's Holy Waters blog for January 27, 2011.
"The poet sees the collage artist work with words and thinks of Shakespeare." Switched-on Gutenberg 2010, Fall
"Lois in the Time Available" Passager (print magazine), 2010
Five poems from 4th Period English [Verónica, Matthew, Vicente, Aurelia, Kimberly] Studio 2010
"Lois, Dying" + "Lois in the Spring" Verse Wisconsin (print magazine/audio online), Spring 2010

If you're looking for work that was published before 2011, send me an email note; I'll try to help you find it ....... ja.


 9 are