Welcome ..... you probably clicked your way here because you've read my books, or you’ve been reading my work in magazines and anthologies, on paper and online.  Maybe you know about my motherhood research.  Maybe you've heard I'm a member of Chicago’s pre-Roe underground abortion service, often called JANE.  Perhaps you’re looking for my book about Grace Paley and other writing.  In any case, you can read a poem, essay or story right now, or listen to me read at SoundCloud or Oregon Poetic Voices, or watch a video of me reading at the Pond House. You can even hear episodes of my KBOO Community Radio show - Poetry and Everything.



Many Happy Returns!  I’m happy to tell you that two useful books are back in print; both can help us deal with our national/global horrorshow. You can order both directly from the publisher. Read on for details!

First, there’s a new edition of Grace Paley's Life Stories. Now published by Portland’s Eberhardt Press (with a new design, new cover, new preface, some editing), the book maintains its focus on Grace's fiction and activism, and the relationship between them.  Grace isn't here anymore, but her life is a model for us all, in the streets and on the page.

The launch of the new edition will be on Grace Paley’s birthday — at Mother Foucault’s Bookshop, 523 SE Morrison in Portland, Oregon: 7pm on December 11. Joining me to celebrate Grace’s birthday with the return of this book will be writers and activists Khanh Pham, Harold Johnson, Laura Moulton, Ben Parzybok, Gwyn Kirk, Charles Overbeck and Nikki Martin — we’ll be reading and talking, eating cake and drinking wine with all of you!

As many of you know, 4th Period English came back in the spring.  It’s a collection of poems written in the voices of characters talking (and - of course - arguing) about immigration. Eberhardt Press brought out a new edition to be of use in this awful time, when the hopes of the Dreamers (and all the rest of us) need attention and support. We're thinking about the collection's obvious value as performance; everybody who’s using the book can get the teaching/performance notes free (check out the book page). 

In the fall of 2018, the last gig of the September/October/November season was on November 3rd: I was delighted to be one of the Women Writers Against Trump reading at Ford Food & Drink in Portland. The other writers in that autumn edition of the Tobey Sisters’ cool series were Tammy Lynne Stoner, Genevieve Hudson, and Kristin Berger.

Poetry and Everything’s December show will feature David Ruteizer; he’ll be reading his work and talking with me on KBOO Community Radio, Monday, December 24th at 10:00pm --- and, after that, you can listen to the show online anytime from anywhere.  If you missed Tim Whitsel in November, you can find him there.

And now for something completely different:  I was part of a panel at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas - we talked about reproductive justice and abortion access in seriously practical terms.  You can listen to us (moderator Imani Gandy + panelists Candice Russell, Susan Yanow, and me) at this link: The Handmaid's Tale IRL: What if Roe Were to Go?.  

Listen to an interview at THE ABORTION DIARY podcast - Melissa Madera’s valuable collection of first-person stories. We talked for a long time about many things (Chicago's underground abortion service, my own abortion, lots more) and she did a great editing job. 

Listen to a story at BEAR WITNESS, the show produced by Erin Yanke and Moe Bowstern at Portland’s Jack London Bar.  That event was the first time I included my cancer experience in my art, and I'm happy to say it went well.  Here's an audio clip, hosted by Portland’s KBOO Community Radio; it includes Moe’s brief intro and her usefully thoughtful words at the end. 

For info about + links to my recently published work in journals and zines, online and on paper, check out Selected Works.

And, as the song says, you must remember this ........ Shop at your local, independent bookstores; support the reading and writing community you love.  In Portland, Oregon, amazingly/luckily, there are several good ones!